Achievements of Uganda Hearts InstituteUHI has done and is still doing a lot of research enabling UHI to be affiliated to various international research collaborations. For example because such research collaborations UHI is now one of the centres in Africa which has a Rheumatic Heart Registry in place.
The Rheumatic Registry project has not only given UHI an insight of the disease burden affecting various social economic demographics in our country but has also led to the production of the first PHD student who completed in 2014 and two Masters in Medicine students who have also completed

A fully fledged Cardiac Catherisation laboratory and Cardiac Theatre

The Cardiac Cath Lab facility started operation on 1st May 2014 . Currently more than 465 procedures have taken place here in Uganda This has greatly reduced onthe number of patients going abroad to seek cardiac and other related interventional procedures. It should be noted that with the opening of the Cath lab the number of milestones that are worth mentioning;

Cath Lab Milestones

  1. In May 1st 2012, the first ever coronary angiogram and coronary interventions (stenting) were done
  2. Many pace makers have been implanted since the opening of the facility
  3. Realisation of management of heart failure was realised on the 27th June 2013. On this day, the first ever in Uganda, Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT) device was implanted As of now, about20 of such devices have been implanted in our patients at a far much less cost to the patients. The rest of the cost being born by the government. Other life saving interventions and services are now available at the Heart Institute.
  4. On the 30th August 2012, the first ever Balloon Mitro Valvulo Plasty (MVP) was successfully done on our first patient. As of now many more have been worked on using this life saving procedure; this life saving procedure involves opening of the valves damaged after Rheumatic Heart Disease
  5. Another life saving procedure being done at the Heart Institute is Inferior Vena Cava filler(IVC) The first ever done was in April 2014. This procedure involves trapping clots preventing them from migrating from the lower limbs limbs to heart, lungs, and other organs hence preventing sudden death and other complications
  6. Acquisition of equipment

    Achievements of Uganda Hearts InstituteThe institute continues to grow with acquisition of more sophisticated equipment geared towards quality patient care and service delivery to the patients On the 24th July 2015, a new state of art inta Aortic Balloon Pump (AIBP) was acquired. This is a life support equipment which sustains life ofthe critically ill patient as the interventional cardiologists and surgeons are working on such patients.


    Currently the institute is running a three year fellow ship programme in cardiology and collaboration with with other affliations. The department of cardiology now has thee fully fledged cardiologists and several other non invasive cardiologists.

    Regional influence

    It should be noted that the Cath lab is the only one of its kind in East Africa. This fact is recognised by our immediate neighbouring countries and to date we have had several cases referred from Rwanda, Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania.