The Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Division at UHI offers tertiary cardiac services and also covers Mulago Hospital’s (Ward 3C CTS). The is a significant improvement in the in-patient record management for both UHI and Ward 3C CTS, however out-patient data management continues to be lacking and therefore difficult to analyse.

The Division was privileged to have a second operating theatre (new UHI theatre) that commenced operations in February 2013. This availed operating space for up to two operating days a week for ward CTS and three and a half days for UHI cases weekly. However, on many occasions there was inadequate staffing (nursing and anaesthesia coverage) to sustain concurrent running of two operating theatres as planned earlier to overcome the large patient backload leading to many theatre list cancellations. Other drawbacks to improved service delivery included inadequate supply of specialized drugs and sundries as well as limited funding for timely maintenance of medical equipment.